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Happy Easter sms text messages are here ready to be sent to your family and friends on this auspicious Easter Sunday. Like every other occasions coming now a days, you need to send some nice text messages to you near and dear ones. Easter is also such cultural and religious feast of Christian which is around the corner. And you will surely need some cool and funny Easter sms and messages to send to your friends, family and loved ones. Easter 2024 is on 4 April on Sunday. So we have compiled a list of best Easter messages with quotes, Easter poems etc. Take these beautiful Easter messages text and sms, just copy them and send them to your College students, for your office staff or secretary, boss, mom, dad, girlfriend and boyfriend. Easter sms and text messages are just a way to express your happiness on this auspicious day of resurrection. People are so happy and excited on this day that they go around sharing joy in the form of text messages and sms. Easter is a family time full of joy and happiness. So if you are far away from your loved ones don’t be sad go ahead with these collection of happy Easter messages and sms and text from bible to your loved ones. Here are also some sweet Easter text messages for her or prayer messages for her.

Happy Easter Day 2024, Resurrection Sunday, Easter sms, Easter text messages, Easter quotes messages, Easter Sunday, Easter messages images, Risen of Jesus
Happy Easter 2024, Sms, Text Messages

“Songs of Easter ringing clear,
Telling of the Savior Dear
Once He died on Calvary’s tree
Then arose 4 you and me.
Jesus is risen, Jesus is risen, Jesus is risen,
He rose for you and me…

“May Lord bless you on
this auspicious day of Easter,
and May it be a new beginning
of greater prosperity,
success and happiness.
Wish you a Happy Easter…

“Wishing U a Very “HAPPY EASTER”
With Love And Best Wishes..
May That EASTER Day Brings
LOT of Happiness And JOYS in ur LIFE.
May u Live Long LIFE
And That EASTER day Will comes in UR life Hundred Times…
Remember me in your prayers..

“O the Easter bells are gladly ringing,
Let the whole world join the happy lay,
Let the hills & vales break forth in singing,
Christ, the Lord of Life, is risen today…

“Easter brings Fun, Easter bring Happiness,
Easter brings God Endless Blessings,
Easter brings fresh love…
Happy Easter 2 U, with all best wishes…

“Please accept my Easter greeting
with love & joy
2 lighten ur burdens
& give u more joy
Happy Easter to You My Friend…

“Missing you a lot on this Easter.
Wishing you were here to celebrate
this holy occasion with me .
Happy Easter…

“Easter bring Fun, Easter bring Happiness,
Easter bring God Endless Blessings,
Easter bring fresh love…
Happy Easter to You
with all best wishes…

“If Jesus Christ not died 4 us,
our faith is vanity,
we appreciate him 4 given us live.
Happy Easter…

“May your life be blessed with His love on Easter and Always
Happy Easter…

“Easter is a amazing day
but its message is the most
wonderful ever love your neighbor
Let us love one another…

“Have a very happy easter,
this Divine holiday,
the miracle of miracles…

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Happy Easter 2024 | Easter 2024

Easter is the most important feast for Christians. It is celebrated with Easter egg. It is the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ after the death. This is a movable feast because it doesn’t fall on same day every year like any other feast. It generally falls in between 22nd March to 25th April. This year in 2024 it is on 4 April. No matter what day it falls it is celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal. The celebration of Easter with family and friends brings you more closely by hearts. So it is necessary to celebrate easter with full warmth and love. Easter is a traditional and religious feast so all follow some ritual and exchange gifts with family and friends. If you want to make someone happy on this day just send a loving Easter sayings or sms or jokes on easter. We have also given you easter picture messages and photos messages or you can also download easter sms collection.

Happy Easter Day 2024, Resurrection Sunday, Easter sms, Easter text messages, Easter quotes messages, Easter Sunday, Easter messages images, Christ is Risen
Happy Easter 2024 | Easter Sunday 2024

Resurrection Day | Easter Sunday | Risen Day

The Lord was resurrected from dead that means he has risen from the death after crucifixion. The Holy Week or Easter week starts from Sunday, 5 April to 12 April, the holy week days are as follow Palm Sunday, Holy Monday to Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. There are many unique games and celebrations for Easter it includes Easter Egg hunting. There are also parades in many states from among them parade of New York is very famous. Jesus has preached the teaching of God for whole life but he was crucifix on the cross. But it was necessary for god resurrect him again to give him life again so that the people could understand. This is the holiness of resurrection Sunday or the Easter Sunday. The significance lies in rising of the Lord on Easter. After crucifixion Jesus Christ was risen or resurrected on the third day. This day is religious and joyful day so you cannot miss your mom, dad grandmother, grandfather, friends and colleagues. Miss in the sense don’t miss sending them funny Easter sms and messages to them and Easter sayings and phrases and quotes.

Happy Easter Day 2024, Resurrection Sunday, Easter sms, Easter text messages, Easter quotes messages, Easter Sunday, Easter messages images, Risen of Jesus
Happy Easter 2024 | Resurrection Sunday | He is Risen Jesus

Happy Easter images with sms messages & quotes 

Since Easter is around the corner all are busy in Easter celebration and planning Easter parties at our houses. So we have also ideas for house warming party for Easter, you can take some ideas from our next post. Also don’t forget to share image sms with your near and dear ones. Now take these beautiful Easter messages for girlfriend, lover, my love, for her and family and friends. You can also make your own sms taking hint or ideas from our sms or text messages. But if you are lazy just download from here for free and send them to your colleagues or customers. Take this religious and romantic Easter messages for your wife or girlfriend or husband and boyfriend. On this Easter Sunday take this opportunity to send religious Easter message to someone special.